English article list


20.01.01  LPGA Pro Eun-ae Cho’s LESSON DIARY


20.03.25  Corona and hotdog - Kim Maengnyeong’s golf English conversation


20.05.08  KPGA Challenge Tour Makes a New Start with 'Srixon Tour'

20.08.05  KLPGA Pro Hyun Se-rin, a new wind blows in the stagnant golf world with the appearance of a super rookie


20.12.31  Korean players who conquered the world women's golf



21.07.01  ‘Trend’, not ‘niche’


21.09.20  Discover the hottest contemporary art in Korea and Indonesia digitally.


21.10.01  How should I purchase and enjoy NFT, which is the hottest trend these days?

21.11.01  Approximately 70% of office workers who enjoy golf are ‘burdened by golf fees’The average initial investment cost is 1.6 million won.


21.11.22  2021 season KLPGA regular tour settlement!



22.01.17  Population surge amid COVID-19 K-Golf export opportunity


22.06.14  Excessive do-gooderism and perfectionism make the body sick.


22.08.01  Yangyang, a luxury healing natural city representing Korea


22.11.03  The beginning of the golf swing


22.11.23  In 2022, Lim In-nyeon (壬寅年), limited edition of Xexio Ganji Ball is released.



23.01.02  Korea's Pebble Beach 'Sagewood CC Yeosu Gyeongdo' built along the stunning coastline


23.02.03  The most prestigious Korean country club with a European atmosphere


23.04.18  Stock markets, increased mass, and other favorable leisure stocks should be paid attention


23.05.03  [New Book Guide] Rediscovery of Golf! Rediscover life! ‘You play well’


23.06.20  Wide Angle unveils cool and refreshing ‘Hot Summer Collection’


23.07.21  In this hot and humid summer, where are the recommended overseas golf destinations for travel?


23.08.09  [Interview] Kim Jong-kyu, chairman of the National Trust for Cultural Heritage, said, "Cultural heritage is a history that the world should enjoy."


23.09.08  Choi Jun-ho, CEO of Hyungji, participates in economic diplomacy with Indonesia


23.09.20  KLPGA adds tour attractions with 'K Ranking’

23.10.11  The Longest Way to Live in Sasang Physiology


23.11.23  Kim Won-seop, advisor to Poongsan Group, was elected as the 19th KPGA president.