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TOPGOLF | 입력 : 2020/01/01 [01:20]

Instead of keeping a training diary, which I had used as a habit since I was a junior player, I am now writing a lesson diary while teaching. Just as every golfer has a different face and personality, their swing or play style is different, but everyone also has similar aspects and concerns, so I will continue to share solutions to various but common golfers' concerns in the lesson logs I have used so far. By taking into account the tendencies, physical characteristics, and psychological state of golfers who need help, we hope to provide efficient and effective solutions to the concerns golfers have, so that they can share and develop similar tendencies and concerns as themselves through the column.


It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about the start of the year around this time last year, but we have already welcomed another new year with unfamiliar numbers called 2020. I hope you finished 2019 well and welcomed the start of a new year.


I'm going to start my first post of 2020 with the hope that you will play golf a little more enjoyably, fun-filled, and healthily this year. Last year, if you focused on setting golf scores or short-term or long-term goals and achieving them, I hope this will be a time to think about whether you may have missed out on other fun aspects of golf because of those goals.



Take your time and enjoy


With a busy schedule, there are many cases where you arrive at the golf course in time for your tee time and come back again as soon as you play. Of course, it's unfortunate that I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to move around, but sometimes I think it would be nice to schedule something a little more leisurely. Arrive early before tee time, have a cup of coffee, change clothes, and go to the putting green to practice putting and swing, gradually getting your body in shape for play and adjusting your condition.


Simple actions will make the day's play more profound. Even after playing, let's finish your schedule at the golf course by stretching sufficiently, taking a bath, moving appropriately, and fully relaxing your tense body. You will notice a reduction in injuries and a clear difference in your condition the next day.



Let's practice after playing


Many golf courses have well-equipped practice greens and driving ranges for players. It is very advisable to hit a few balls as a warm-up before playing, but unless you are a professional player, practicing before playing is actually a bit difficult to put into practice.

However, after you finish playing, spend a little time practicing what you were lacking in today's play or what you want to try next time. You will feel more able to concentrate and accept your body better than ever before. In any study, review is important.



Play on foot


Basically, golf is a sport enjoyed while walking. While playing 18 holes, you will walk at least 8km to 10km, but for modern people who do not normally walk, walking itself can be a huge drain on stamina and difficult.


I hope that at least the moment you go out to play golf, you will actually exercise for your health. Of course, it may be difficult to walk from start to finish as the golf course progresses. At least try to walk from the second shot point to the green. You will be walking at least 3-5 km.


At first, walking itself can be difficult, so your shots may be shaky. But after just a few tries, you'll be able to tell the difference between swinging from a cart and swinging while walking. Swinging is a powerful movement that pours out a lot of energy at once in a short period of time. Let's think about whether it would be possible if you suddenly tried to exert force while sitting. Not only can I not use my full strength, but I can easily get injured.



Exercise regularly

In order to play golf on foot, it is actually a good idea to take the time to walk for an hour at least a couple of times a week. Just walking will bring numerous positive changes to our bodies, such as relieving stress and improving cardiopulmonary capacity.


Also, even if you don't necessarily go to the gym, try doing exercises that can be done without equipment, such as push-ups and squats, from time to time. Let's make it a part of our daily routine, like eating three times a day and brushing our teeth. We all know without explaining that small habits can lead to completely different health conditions.


Doing this not only improves your health, but also supports your basic stamina when playing, allowing you to perform at your best. Strong mental power will only show its value when it is supported by physical strength. This is because there are limits to making the body move with mental power alone.



Get good nutrition


Golf is often thought of as being very static and requiring little exercise. In particular, female golfers sometimes do not consume any food before or after exercise or while playing, which is absolutely not desirable. Having a pretty body is good, but more important than that is health.


Instead of trying not to eat, try walking more and playing as mentioned above. This is how you can stay healthy and pretty. Muscles develop only when used, and only with muscles can our body maintain a smooth cycle. If you use your muscles, consume quality nutrients to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent muscle loss.

Eat carbohydrates before playing to avoid getting tired after playing for a long time, and eat protein after playing. During play, try to consume high-quality carbohydrates or sugar at least once every three holes, even in small amounts, and drink water regularly before you get thirsty.


The moment you are thirsty and reach for water or your hands are shaking and you reach for chocolate, your body is already exhausted. The play of the remaining holes will not improve. If you continue to move your body in a depleted state, it will naturally put a strain on your body and make it easier to get injured. You will create an ironic situation where you are doing good exercise but ruining your health. Don't forget to fill in any missing nutrients by taking vitamins and nutritional supplements on a regular basis.


Don't be afraid to eat, but instead turn it into a way to build more muscle and burn fat naturally. A solid body with appropriate muscles will not only make you shine on the golf course, but will also lead to better performance. Join the meeting.


In Korea, there are not many golf courses that allow one to two people to play, so even if you want to go out on the field, it may be difficult to accommodate the number of people. Also, you can get loose by always playing with the same people, but these days, many large and small golf clubs are very active.


There are various groups by region, age, and occupation, so one way to enjoy golf is to look into the characteristics of the groups, join them, and enjoy playing with them. A group with a well-established system will provide sufficient motivation by not only playing together, but also participating in various events and small competitions. Of course, if you go to a gathering, you must be equipped with basic etiquette and manners and know the simple rules of golf to become a welcomed golfer.



Participate in amateur competitions


There are many large and small gatherings, but there are also quite a few competitions for pure amateurs officially held by companies. Depending on the hosting company and the nature of the competition, there are cases where restrictions are placed on participants, but there are many competitions in which any amateur can participate. Among the participants, there are terrible amateurs who sometimes hit under par, but even if they do not win, they are given participation gifts just for participating, and prizes are awarded through various event-based awards.


If you have to pay to play anyway, I think it may be more cost-effective to go to a tournament and play properly while following the exact rules. Of course, it is good manners to practice as much as you can before participating.



Let's watch golf broadcasts


These days, there is so much information and video that we have no choice but to watch it even if we don't want to. There are certainly many channels that provide and share good information. But it can be difficult to determine what is right and what is wrong. In such cases, it is recommended to watch the players' game scenes rather than the lesson videos. Of course, this does not mean that you should imitate their swing or club speed while watching.


However, let's carefully look at their actions, manners, and movement sequences while playing, and remember them so that you can follow them. Each of their natural movements during the game is a scientific result with a lot of investment. If you look at it that carefully, you won't miss a single scene and, as I always say, you will be able to enjoy golf as a more in-depth hobby. This is because a golfer with a score of 100 will never know what the golf world of 72 strokes is like.



Let's enjoy nature


You can't just focus on golf for 18 holes. Focus on the ball at the moment you hit the shot, and enjoy nature the rest of the time. Let’s look at the sky, feel the wind, and breathe in the sunlight. Just being in nature relieves stress, and for modern people, there is no health care as great as stress relief, so it goes without saying that there are many positive phenomena that accompany it.

Enjoy the natural environment that changes with each season and admire the carefully designed landscaping at the golf course. One of the great pleasures of golf is discovering how golf courses are constructed differently depending on the area or concept in which they are located.



Let’s approach golf with a positive mind.


Many golfers say that playing golf is stressful. This is because, compared to the time and cost it takes, golf balls do not travel freely. Golf balls don't go where you want them to. Just go as similar as possible. The only way is to empty your mind or practice so that you can really go your own way.


Even though it is simply a matter of sending a standing ball to the target using a club, it is by no means an easy exercise. I fully understand the boiling feeling inside. If the ball doesn't go the way I want, is it okay if I hit it like this even though I haven't practiced? Let's rationalize it by praising ourselves or making other excuses. Self-justification is good for your mental health.


There are people who complain from the time they go to the golf course until they return home and fall asleep. I didn't like today's tee time, the road was too long, the road was too congested, my companions weren't that good, the team in front was slow, the team behind me was too fast, the caddy was unfriendly, the water in the bathtub wasn't the right temperature, I didn't play golf even though I took lessons. There are hundreds of reasons for dissatisfaction every day. And we are planning the next play soon.


Golf is a sport, and sports are something to participate in for the health of your mind and body. If you add dissatisfaction to dissatisfaction, all you end up with is spending money and stress. Just be thankful that you are healthy today and that you are playing golf at a good golf course with good companions. This is because a grateful and happy mind also has a big impact on playing. The biggest way to relieve stress is to not get stressed.


I hope that you can become physically and mentally healthy through golf this year, 2020. Happy New Year!





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